Pre-surgical planning with jFit Personalized Surgery Planning

  • jFit automatically sizes and places implants based on surgeon preference
  • jFit shows amount of bone loss and previews box cut for the implant

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Increase patient satisfaction with jFit Personalized Surgery Planning

  • Provides surgeon / PA to offer personalized, digital surgery planning experience
  • Demonstrate how implant will fit and function
  • Discuss benefits of implant design

Lower costs with jFit Personalized Surgery Planning

  • jFit personalized surgical planning system allows surgeon to share planning data with implant manufacturer to lower costs and reduce surprises
  • Potential to disrupt reliance on the existing supply chain model
  • Ideal for ASCs where storage and sterilization space is limited

Who is this for?

  • JointVue is simple to use and can be operated by any qualified Ultrasound operator (Doctors, PAs, techs, nurses) to create 3D bone models. In addition, the base system system can be used as a versatile Ultrasound system with several versatile applications
  • Small clinics and ASCs with limited budgets and space is at a premium
  • Specialty applications such as MSK procedures

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